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feb 16, 2021

Easy and smart MR workflow

  • The impact of the SmartWorkflow at the MR Department at Herlev Hospital in Denmark

At every radiology department, efficient workflows are key. With an ever-increasing number of patients and imaging needs, all radiology departments must do more with the same or less. This results in a growing demand for efficiency and predictability. So every minute counts when you want to stick to the busy schedule.


Philips’ new SmartWorkflow solution directly addresses this challenge, providing better and more efficient workflows at MR departments. SmartWorkflow reduces and simplifies the number of steps needed in a conventional MR exam workflow, using technology to guide and coach where required, and automate when possible.


To find out more, we went to Herlev Hospital, where they have access to the new SmartWorkflow as well as the more traditional workflow. The MR department at Herlev Hospital in the Capital Region of Denmark operates 6  – soon 7 – Philips MR scanners. The fleet of scanners are mixed in age and technology, so we decided to find out how SmartWorkflow is working for them and how they can harmonize the workflow across very different scanners with very different technological platforms. To do this, we sat down with two radiographers from Herlev Hospital, Peter and Hilla.

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Smart and easy workflow

Herlev Hospital recently got the newest 3T MR scanner from Philips, the Ingenia Elition. Equipped with the latest software applications and features, ambient experience, inBore connect and last but not least, the SmartWorkflow solution. This new scanner quickly became an all-time staff favourite. According to Hilla and Peter “the new staff favourite” is much more than just good looking and shiny. The system brings much convenience in day-to-day work.

“We all love the new workflow! Everyone wants to work on the Ingenia Elition scanner” says Peter and continues, “SmartWorkflow is definitely easier to work with and it is much easier to start the scan now than it was before. There are not as many things that you need to do, you just push the button, and the scanning starts as soon as you close the door – it’s amazing.” 

Peter and Hilla

Radiographers from Herlev Hospital.

Powered by AI, the new SmartWorkflow solution makes things easier for the radiographers, simplifying the work process and freeing up time to focus more on the patient. SmartWorkflow provides a guided exam-set up in the exam room, auto patient centring, touchless respiratory-triggering, and in-room exam start. Based on in-house testing, SmartWorkflow can decrease the time for patient set-up to less than a minute, and the start of the exam can be initiated with a single touch directly at the MR scanner, starting the exam immediately after closing the RF door. According to Peter and Hilla, SmartWorkflow makes a real difference, providing an easy and smart workflow.


VitalScreen – Efficient interaction


The VitalScreen provides a guided exam set-up with 2 interactive touchscreens on the scanner. It guides the staff on recommended patient position, exam set-up, coil and accessory placement. Moreover, feedback is provided on key exam details, including physiology (both VCG and respiratory) and – when applicable – contrast usage and breath-hold guidance. According to Peter, this feature is perfect for new radiographers and boosts their confidence, providing consistent scanning and higher quality images.

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The VitalScreen also supports automatic detection of selected anatomies. Enabling a fast and easy patient placement in the ISO-center. The VitalScreen also allows staff to initiate the exam with a single touch of a button at the patient side. The exam starts immediately after the operator closes the RF-door, speeding up the workflow.

“A lot of the things is automated, and the machine thinks for itself. For example, the automatic placement of the patient in ISO centre. You do not have to centre the patient anymore; it does it automatically by the press of the button. Also, when leaving the room – the Elition starts to scan automatically.  The SmartWorkflow solution just makes things easier.” 


Radiographers from Herlev Hospital.

One very important feature of the VitalScreen has made an enormous difference in the workflow. The VitalScreen shows the patients social security number – making the mandatory check smooth and easy. The system also indicates other patient data; such as height, weight and the desired scan direction. This data can be adjusted at the screen; making the scanner automatically adapt the exam. The VitalScreen makes a real difference to the staff.

“The new workflow solution just makes things easier. Having the patient information, such as the social security number, on the VitalScreen, saves me much time. I do not have to run in and out of the exam room to check something or have a paper note with me. All the information that I need is there on the screen - making it easy to double-check with the patient if the information is correct. Also, if I need to change the patient’s position. For example, if I decide to change from head-first to feet-first, I can just do it by the scanner. It is just one click on the VitalScreen, and it is done.” 


Radiographers from Herlev Hospital.

VitalEye – Always there


The operator free VitalEye provides a faster, more robust and more accurate breathing measurement than we have ever delivered before. The technology combines an infrared camera placed at the end of the bore with novel AI technology. According to Peter, the new VitalEye is a fantastic and amazing solution.

“If you look at it with the eyes of a radiographer, the VitalEye is the best feature there is. Because you improve the patient set-up. The new VitalEye is just stable and robust. I think it is a good feature, definitely the best feature.” 


Radiographers from Herlev Hospital.

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“All in all – we are very happy with the SmartWorkflow – it really helps us speed up our daily operation while also improving the image quality and patient experience” 

Peter, and Hilla

Radiographers from Herlev Hospital.

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