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Recent success

  • 47% improvement in triage speed in the ED

    Customer story

    47% improvement in triage speed in the ED

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  • 84% ED arrival-to-triage improvement at Winchester Medical Center

    Customer story

    84% ED arrival-to-triage improvement at Winchester Medical Center

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Improving efficiency and performance in the emergency department

When problems exist in the ED, faulty or obsolete processes are often the cause. Obstacles to optimal performance may impede patient and process flow and can manifest into work-arounds, unnecessary tasks and steps, and untrained or unavailable staff. Employees and physicians want to do a good job but often do not have the right tools to do so.

Through process redesign and daily performance management, our consultants work to enable measurable outcomes in patient, staff, and physician satisfaction. They help improve process turnaround times, staff utilization, and quality service delivery and increase available collectable revenue.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive ED assessment, followed by phased approach to improve day-to-day operations
  • Recommendations to streamline care processes for increased efficiency and throughput
  • Focus on increasing patient, staff, and physician satisfaction
  • Demonstrated results of improved ED performance

A strategic approach

Our consultants become part of the ED team, collaborating with leadership and staff to provide a strategic approach with hands-on implementation support.


  • Assessment: Based on data analysis, an assessment of current processes is completed including stakeholder interviews, observations, and a gap analysis of key performance measures.
  • Project planning: A governance structure is recommended, patient flow and transitions reviewed, strategies and metrics prioritized, and work teams established to analyze processes.
  • Implementation: Our consultants assist staff-led work groups to design and test several change scenarios, implement new processes, and embed sustainable change.
  • Executive summary: The program initiatives with results, impact on staff engagement and patient satisfaction, and long-term plans for ongoing success are presented to management.

Proven results*

Performance improvement results include:

  • Decreased arrival-to-triage
  • Improved arrival-to-room waiting time
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Increasing ED process efficiency for improved performance and patient satisfaction

Improvement in order to critical care discharge
Increased ED Process efficiency results
* Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

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