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Real-time insights on your daily hospital operations

Your everyday hospital operations have to support cost-efficient, high-quality care delivery. This means a balancing act of multiple priorities in terms of resources, workflow and capacity. Growing patient and mobile equipment volumes, increasing search times, low transparency on utilization rates and scattered processes impede smooth patient flow.


The Philips PerformanceFlow solution addresses these challenges by providing actionable, real-time decision support that goes beyond simple tracking and tracing of mobile assets across your hospital. It combines real-time location data (RTLS) with existing IT data sources and converts this information into clear visual insights on your workflows, offering new perspectives on optimization potentials.*


*PerformanceFlow is available in selected markets. Please contact us for more information.

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Increase mobile asset utilization

IT complexity

Decrease IT complexity

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Reduce procurement cost

artificial intelligence

Build predictive, AI-enabled capabilities

Here at OLVG, we verify new investment expenditures in mobile equipment based on accurate utilization rates from Philips. This is how we identified to save up to 1 million euro in comparison to a time where we did not have this in-depth data quality."

OLVG Ziekenhuis, Amsterdam

PerformanceFlow serves your individual needs

Up-to-date, evidence-based decision-making


Standardized, cross-departmental reporting combined with consulting services help create transparency in internal cost allocation and mobile equipment investments.

Reduced IT complexity


The open software platform is  scalable, aggregates real-time location data with information from your existing IT infrastructure and integrates different data sources in a single system.

Predictive, real-time data-driven support


The solution provides vendor-agnostic insights into the utilization of mobile devices and gives you a transparent overview of equipment requiring maintenance.

Lean processes and more time with your patients


The intuitive dashboards proactively help you minimize search time for mobile devices in the hospital and reserve available equipment in your nearby environment.

Learn more about PerformanceFlow

Either enjoy a virtual expedition through our dashboards, join a personal tour with us in our HospitalLab in Eindhoven (Netherlands) or experience the solution in a real customer environment!

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