Pressekontakt for Philips Norge

If you are a journalist or blogger and want to get in touch with Philips, please feel free to contact the persons mentioned here below:


Philips Norge AS

Visiting Address: Innspurten 15

0663 Oslo, Norway

Phone:+47 22 74 80 00



Postboks 64


NO-0605 Oslo, Norway

For general media inquiries:


Lina Faye

Senior Communications manager

Tel: +46 708 32 21 37


For media inquiries for Philips audio products such as headphones and speakers


Ilona de Bok

PR & Online Media Manager, Nordics

Tel: +31 6 27 62 55 42


For media inquiries for Philips TV


Joella Skoogh

Marketing Communications Manager

Tel: +46 70 832 22 65


For media inquiries for Philips professional Healthcare solutions


Rasmus Vestergaard

Head of communication

Tel +45 21 55 00 81


For media inquiries for Philips Lighting – professional lighting solutions and consumer lighting


Anne-Cathrine Tjørnehøj

Marcom Manager

Tel: +45 403 308 06

For product tests:


Personal care male: Marina den Hengst - marina.kravcenko@philips.com

Personal Care Woman: Nina Von Gegerfelt - nina.vongegerfelt@philips.com

Food preparation and cooking: Borislav Stoyanov - borislav.stoyanov@philips.com

Coffee: Elena Abitov - Elena.abitov@philips.com

Ironing: Josefin Janer - josefin.janer@philips.com

Floor care: Johan Lindwall - johan.lindwall@philips.com

Products for parents and children: Sandra Thorn - sandra.thorn@philips.com

Oral Healthcare: Linda Hjorth - linda.hjorth@philips.com

Air Purifier and Humidifier: Johan Lindwall - johan.lindwall@philips.com