large masthead ultrasound transducer maintenance

Ultrasound probe repair & transducer maintenance

 A complete multi-vendor ultrasound transducer probe maintenance, repair and exchange service¹

When a transducer stops working the impact is immediate and tangible—from care delivery and your patients’ experience to department workflow and financial implications. Multiplied by your entire portfolio of transducers and it quickly becomes a logistical challenge to ensure your ultrasound department stays up and running at all times.


With a complete transducer maintenance program in place, you can be sure that your operations run smoothly, your costs are managed and contained, providing continuity of care.

Philips Ultrasound Transducer Maintenance

A comprehensive program to keep you up and running

Multi-vendor repair

We have extensive repair capabilities, so you are assured almost every brand and model can be repaired by us. We aim to repair at least 70% of every defect transducer we receive so you can be certain of a cost-effective solution for your defect transducer. 


Convenient loaners

Experience minimal down-time with our transducer loaner program that puts a replacement device in your hands the next working day2

Repair or replace options

Repairs are generally a fraction of the cost of a new transducer; when repair is not an option, we offer a cost-effective exchange option.


Quality assurance

Our transducer repair meets the high standards and proven quality you expect from Philips. The CE marking stays intact and we work with an Philips approved, ISO 13485-certified service partner.


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One call does it all

One call

When a transducer needs repair, just call us and we ship you a loaner as soon as the next day

We arrange pick-up or delivery to us of the defective transduce.

We conduct a fault analysis and give you a cost estimate to repair.

We deliver the repaired transducer or its replacement back to you in a secure suitcase, and you send the loaner back to us.

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The commitment behind the care

Clinical confidence

Maintaining your ultrasound transducers through our program allows you to focus on what really matters: delivering excellent care to your patients, conveniently and affordably. 

Operational convenience
One contact, one way of working, and one invoice process can unburden your biomedical, logistical, and administrative departments while clinical teams have uninterrupted access to the tools they need for patient care. Replacements to keep you up and running are just a phone call away.

Financial flexibility
Two program options give you the flexibility to choose what’s right for your organization. Our transactional model gives you the benefit of ongoing maintenance without committing to a contract, while our contract model provides a convenient way to optimize costs, simplify maintenance and maximize your total value of ownership.

Helping you manage expenses and optimize revenue

Transactional model

Contractual model


  • Quoted individually by each repair or exchange request

  • One annual invoice and fixed rate for a defined number of replacement transducers per year, either through repair or exchange

Analysis and transport

  • No charge for analysis and transport if you decide to repair or exchange the equipment

  • No charge for analysis and transport


  • Includes loaners with additional charges

  • Includes loaners

Pricing structure

  • Variable costs

  • Predictable costs. 

surgery pulse large masthead

Our transducer repair and replacement program is designed to provide meaningful savings over previous maintenance programs.

1. Available in selected countries only
2. Depending on availability

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