Small Parts Assessment

Small Parts Ultrasound

A universal platform for small parts ultrasound

 Small parts imaging is one of the fastest growing segments of ultrasound exams for clinicians around the world. Its wide array of applications includes assessing diseases and disorders of superficial organs like testicles and thyroid, as well as assessing musculoskeletal injuries like sprains and tears. 

Demonstrated results in Small Parts Ultrasound


improved penetration with the mL26-8 transducer

The mL26-8 transducer offers 36% improved spatial resolution and 64% improved penetration in superficial applications [6]. 


increased efficiency

The uniform crystals of PureWave transducer technology are 85% more efficient [4].


reduction in number of button pushes 

NextGen AutoSCAN reduces button pushes by up to 54% with pixel-by-pixel real time optimization [3]. 

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Epiq elite

EPIQ Elite

Philips EPIQ Elite ultrasound features an exceptional level of clinical performance, workflow, and advanced intelligence to meet the challenges of today’s most demanding practices. The EPIQ Elite Platform brings ultimate solutions to ultrasound, with clinically tailored tools designed to elevate diagnostic confidence to new levels. EPIQ shares the same workflow, interface and transducers as the Affiniti and Compact systems.

Affiniti ultrasound


Affiniti’s broad range of transducers offer PureWave crystal technology and excellent superficial resolution and penetration and combine with the system’s precision beamforming to deliver high image quality for pediatric imaging. Designed for walk-up usability, Affiniti is so intuitive that it requires minimal training on system use to be able to complete an exam [7], and uses the same workflow, interface and transducers as the EPIQ and Compact systems. Light and with a small footprint and fold-down monitor, it easily navigates narrow hallways and tight spaces.

Compact 5000 series

Compact 5000 Series

Designed for mobility and performance, the Compact 5000 series shares the same workflow, interface and transducers as the EPIQ and Affiniti systems. With a quick boot-up and long battery life, the system is ready to go whenever you need it, so you can bring pediatric ultrasound to wherever you need it.

Lumify system


Use ultra-mobile Lumify handheld ultrasound to detect soft tissue injuries in any care setting, with high-definition imaging. SonoCT reinforces real tissue imaging while eliminating random artifacts. The entire unit fits into a small bag for easy transportation, so you can take ultrasound on the go.

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[1] When comparing release 10 performance to release 7 performance. 

[2] In 84% of cases, user opinion was that, after the use of post-processing controls, a repeat scan due to unsatisfactory image quality resulting from inappropriate imaging settings was not required. Based on a sample size of n=37 users.

[3] Compared to the predecessor L15-7iO

[4] When compared to traditional piezoelectric (PZT) material in converting electrical input into acoustic output.

[5] 2014 internal workflow study comparing Affiniti to HD15

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