Radiation Oncology

Increase accuracy
imaging, planning and treatment


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While targeted radiotherapy can be effective, uncertainties throughout the process – from imaging to planning to treatment – can impact quality. Our Solutions are designed to reduce these uncertainties, improve accuracy and enhance your ability to assess therapy response and adapt the treatment plan if needed. All this helps you confidently deliver consistent quality of care.

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Brilliance CT Big Bore

As our first CT scanner designed from the ground up for Philips Radiation Oncology Solutions, the Philips CT Big Bore delivers accuracy, superb imaging performance, and an efficient workflow:

  • 85 cm bore with 60 cm scan FOV gives flexibility to support complex treatment set-ups.
  • Comprehensive set of 4D CT tools for evaluating tumor motion.
  • Tumor LOC provides isocenter localization for patient marking, and simulation.

Ingenia MR-RT

A comprehensive solution designed for the needs of Philips Radiation Oncology Solutions – offering the tools and software to work with accuracy and versatility:

  • Ingenia delivers superb image quality and high geometric accuracy thanks to dStream, industry-leading gradient linearity and 3D Gradient Distortion Correction.
  • Integrated MR-RT CouchTop and coil Solutions for high-contrast MR images acquired in treatment position.
  • Ready-to-use geometric QA analysis package.


Planning plays a central role in treatment confidence. Pinnacle is designed to reduce planning and re-planning time and enhance dose accuracy – providing the foundation for consistent, high-quality treatments:

  • Easily compare and combine plans with seamlessly integrated IMRT, VMAT, and proton planning.
  • Save hours assessing and adapting treatment plans with only a few clicks.
  • Contour organs at risk easily and consistently with robust libraries or user defined models.

Vereos PET/CT

Metabolic PET data can offer additional clinical information that contributes to accurate treatment planning and assessment of therapy response:

• PET metabolic imaging enhances accuracy in target volume definition for treatment planning.

• iPatient platform facilitates patient-centered imaging across diverse patient populations and supports consistent image quality.

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