Gel-E Donut Soft gel pillow

Gel-E Donut

Soft gel pillow

Finn lignende produkter

The Gel-E Donut is a non-toxic, gel-filled positioning product that helps alleviate pressure caused by prolonged immobility or other conditions where frequent repositioning is contraindicated.

Supportive design

Supportive design to help reduce pressure points

The soft outer bag, combined with the unique gel formulation, provides a soft, supportive surface to help reduce pressure points on the infant's body.

Color-coded to simplify identification

The Gel-E Donuts follow the simple color-coding system that spans Philips product lines. Our Gel-E Donuts, Squishons, and Snuggle Ups are color-coded by size to help to improve clinician workflow by simplifying the identification of product sizes.