IntelliVue Patient Monitor

IntelliVue MX500

Patient Monitor

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The IntelliVue MX500 combines powerful monitoring with flexible portability in one compact unit. Supplying comprehensive patient information at a glance, it can make a real difference when multiple patients and priorities need attention.

12"-wide touchscreen

12"-wide touchscreen helps you see it clearly and quickly

Find what you need right away on the 12"-wide touchscreen, with support for the Philips Multi Measurement Module (MMS), IntelliVue X2 module, and Measurement Server Extensions (MMSE), as well as specialty measurements via up to three single/double-width parameter modules. You'll recognize the familiar, easy-to-use interface from your existing IntelliVue monitors, so you can spend more time providing care and less time on device training.
Ambient light adjustment

Ambient light adjustment for readability in virtually any environment

The display, with its ambient light sensor, automatically adjusts screen brightness to maintain readability in nearly any lighting environment. The display, for example, adapts automatically as more natural light comes into the ICU from outside. Patients can feel more aware of the passage of time and enjoy an overall better experience during recovery.*
Connectivity options

Connectivity options help you make the most of your EMR

The IntelliVue MX500 works to enhance your investment by sharing data with clinical information systems, helping to contribute to a more comprehensive EMR. It can also help reduce cost and complexity when connecting bedside devices to your EMR solution of choice. Optional Philips IntelliBridge device interfacing** makes this possible by eliminating the need for a separate device concentrator and data consolidation server.
Advanced Clinical Solutions

Advanced Clinical Solutions to summarize and visualize data

The IntelliVue MX500 monitor has built-in Advanced Clinical Solutions that provide tools to summarize and visualize complex clinical data and their interactions. Multiple streams of information come together in one intuitive view.
Portable design

Portable design allows you to take monitoring with you

Environments that have large variability in acuity, such as the ED, step-down, conscious sedation, and the NICU, can be tough on patient monitors. The IntelliVue MX500 is optimized for these formidable workflows. With a built-in handle and standard battery operation, this monitor is rugged enough to cope with demanding in-hospital transport - and compact enough to be convenient underway.
  • *Stuck, A., Clark, M.J. & Connelly, C.D. (2011) Preventing intensive care unit delirium: a patient-centered approach to reducing sleep disruption. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. Nov-Dec;30(6):315-20.
  • **Requires IntelliBridge interface port(s). For device compatibility, see the latest IntelliBridge EC10 external device compatibility list.