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IntelliVue Cableless charging station

Battery charger for cableless measurements devices

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The Cableless charging station recharges and performs battery maintenance for the IntelliVue Cableless measurements range of devices. With nine charging bays, the station helps you support patient mobility by allowing multiple devices to charge at once.

Rugged charging station
Rugged and lightweight, with  battery status indicators

Rugged and lightweight, with battery status indicators

The charging station offers charging slots for Cableless SpO₂ pod, Cableless NBP pod, Cableless respiration pod, and Cableless transmitter. Additionally, the MX40 battery can be charged. Battery status indicators (e.g. charged, charging, error) are provided at each slot for easy visibility of charging status.
Rapid recharge
Rapid recharging time

Rapid recharging time

IntelliVue CL charging station offers a rapid recharging time of maximum 2.5 hours. Depending on module size, one or two bays are occupied (CL SpO₂ – one bay, CL NBP & CL Transmitter – two bays). Also offers automatic fuel gauge recalibration (battery maintenance procedure).
Convenient connectivity

Convenient connectivity

The Cableless charging station features a built-in power supply (including AC indicator) and offers a USB host interface to connect a barcode reader or a PC.