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FieldStrength MRI articles, FieldStrength MRI newsletter, and FieldStrength MRI magazine are produced by Philips Healthcare for the Philips MRI user community. Some articles may describe research conducted outside the USA on equipment not yet available for commercial distribution in the USA. Some products referenced may not be licensed for sale in Canada.

Philips Healthcare reserves the right to make changes in specifications and/or to discontinue any product at any time without notice or obligation and will not be liable for any consequences resulting from the use of this publication.

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The next MR wave


4 Philips introduced the next MR wave

at RSNA 2017


5 An excellent fit to expand the imaging center: Prodiva 1.5T

Radiology Schiffer, Germany and Seirei Mikatahara Hospital, Japan


10 Faster MRI throughout the whole body with

Compressed SENSE

Kantonsspital Winterthur, Switzerland


14 MRI in-bore solutions: patients love it, departments thrive


20 How to perform MRI of patients with MR Conditional cardiac devices

German Red Cross Hospital; University of Southern California; CHUV Lausanne

and University of Chicago Medicine


26 MultiBand SENSE widens possibilities for fMRI and dMRI in brain

VCU, USA; AMC, Netherlands; PMF, Barcelona, Spain and UVM, USA


34 Enhancing brain tumor MRI with APT weighted imaging

Phoenix Children’s Hospital, USA




Elevate neuro diagnostics


4 MRI enters Emergency Department for fast, confident decisions

St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona, USA


10 Expanding whole body MRI use in oncology patients

Kawasaki Saiwai Hospital, Japan


16 Black Blood imaging of brain vasculitis in an HIV patient

Erasme Hospital, Brussels, Belgium


19 UVM brain MRI protocols upgraded with latest methods

UVM Medical Center, Burlington, Vermont, USA


31 Automatic adjustment of scan settings for MR Conditional implants


26 Take your next step in MRI – don’t miss the must haves

Barrow Neurological Institute and Hennepin County Medical Center


24 Brain connectivity and fiber tracking

UVM Medical Center, Burlington, Vermont, USA




Innovation for you.

Innovation with you.


6 Scanning patients with MR Conditional implants


11 Relaxed patients, reduced motion, improved

University of Washington and

Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital


16 Approaches for including MRI in radiation therapy


University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands


21 Running a successful MRI service, what does it take?


26 100 patients per day on one Multiva MRI scanner

Bay-Tuna Radiology Center, Konya, Turkey


30 Imaging small cerebral aneurysms using non-invasive MR angiography

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


34 Smart Display Protocols help radiologists speed up their viewing of MRI cases

Beau Soleil Clinic, Montpellier, France


4 Touching more lives with MR


38 Philips is the world’s largest patent applicant at the European Patent Office




Designed for first-time-right MRI


6 Patient comfort leads to first-time-right imaging

Herlev Gentofte University Hospital, Denmark


10 Overcoming motion challenges for first-time-right MR imaging

Radiologie am St Joseph Stift, Bremen, Germany


14 Meander Medical Center raises its standard in head and neck MRI

Meander Medical Center, Amersfoort, Netherlands


18 One sequence, many benefits in musculoskeletal MRI

Lille University Hospital CHRU, Lille, France


22 Motion correction in shoulder imaging with MultiVane XD

Qscan Radiology Clinic, Brisbane, Australia


24 Investigating the potential of Synthetic MR for brain quantification

Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden


28 Sherbrooke researchers investigate Diffusion MRI and fMRI

Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada


4 Ingenia 1.5T S, the MR system for first-time-right imaging

31 Ingenia 3.0T CX and neuroscience package enhance studies


32 Philips anticipates new healthcare dynamics

34 Find Philips MRI online




Confident diagnoses

in an efficient practice


8 Ingenia 3.0T delivers high performance MRI

to the busy practice at DMG

DuPage Medical Group, Lisle, Illinois, USA


12 Boosting liver MRI with latest methods

Dr. Kukuk, University of Bonn, Germany


16 Ingenia solution enhances delineation for RT planning

Beaumont Health System, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA


20 Advanced methods for neuro MR can improve

efficiency and confidence

Phoenix Children’s, Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona, USA


25 High quality imaging in MS, stroke and brain tumor

Fondation Rothschild, Paris, France


30 Advanced neuro MRI methods benefits from IntelliSpace Portal

Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañon, Madrid, Spain


34 Can diffusion tensor imaging be used for mild traumatic brain injury assessment?

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, USA


4 Philips introduces Ingenia 1.5T S


38 MRI innovations that matter to you,

a rich Philips history


39 Expert users collaborate to develop cardiac

MR protocol


42 Education calendar 2015

43 Events calendar 2015




Neuro MR control your fat imaging


8 mDIXON saves time and provides homogeneous fat saturation

Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark


12 Robust fat suppression and shorter exams in pediatric imaging

Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland, Oakland, California, USA


16 mDIXON Quant non-invasively aids in high quality assessment of fatty liver disease

UT-Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA


20 Fast and easy diagnostic imaging from head to toe

Radiology Practice Munich Center, Munich, Germany


24 HCMC chose SmartPath to dStream rather than a new scanner

Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


28 MR neurography allows clear visualization of peripheral nerves

Shandong Medical Imaging Research Institute, PR China


32 Multi-band SENSE to improve imaging speed


34 Enhancing susceptibility weighted imaging through collaborative research

Kumamoto University Hospital, Kumamoto, Japan


38 Distortion-free diffusion imaging with TSE


41 MultiVane XD is the next generation motion-free imaging


5 Advanced and explorative neuro MR solutions


46 Most popular NetForum content


45 Events calendar 2014

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