The Roboshaver!

When we say "Designed to Play" we mean it. Why should the Click & Style be restrained to simply being awesome at shaving, trimming and grooming when it could be even more? We decided to explore the limits.

One interesting limit is distance. Another is privacy. What if we could test both in a playful experiment? Et Voilá: The Roboshaver. A robot arm controlled over the internet using nothing but a mouse, webbrowser and a webcam. Because maybe shaving is best when you do it together and across continents?

In order to launch our experiment we enrolled YouTube wunderkind gamer Tejbz. If anyone can be called an expert on one-on-one over the internet it would be him. We asked Tejbz to let the beard grow and prepare to get pwned.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring. At Philips we wouldn't be one of the world's greatest innovators if we didn't love the sharing of knowledge. The Roboshaver is built from standard components available from several places online. Either you put one together with servos and a controller or you buy a kit for assembly. We chose to build the control layer on node.js and to run the video feed over WebRTC, and if you want to do the same you are welcome to use our code on GitHub. Please read the release notes - and keep us posted if you fork and build anything. #roboshave