XRES Adaptive Image

Providing real-time image enhancement

XRES adaptive image processing provides real-time image enhancement using proprietary contextural algorithms that reduce speckle, haze, and clutter artifacts. At the same time, XRES enhances edges by correcting discontinuities between textured regions, allowing improved visualization of real tissue information. Developed by Philips from MR research,this technology was based on years of extensive research on how humans perceive tissue patterns. XRES imaging is a true adaptive image-processing technique using an amazing 350 million calculations per frame of data. The appropriate processing sub-functions are constantly adapting for each pixel of the frame , for each frame in time. The result is images virtually free from noise, with extraordinary clarity and border definition.

XRES benefits :

  • Enhanced tissue subtleties
  • Increased diagnostic confidence
  • Efficient patient throughput

SonoCT and XRES technologies - proven clinical results

When XRES is combined with SonoCT, these extraordinary technologies enhance even the subtlest diagnostic features, helping to overcome common challenges in evaluating tissue and defining pathology, while making it even easier to achieve clinical accuracy and productivity gains. Clinician users at all levels of experience will find nearly the same levels of clinical clarity in their images using SonoCT and XRES.

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